Stockfish Film Festival offers many interesting events as a part of the festival’s industry days, such as master classes, seminars, panels, and lectures. Here you can see an overview of the events that are offered this year (information may be subjected to change).

The events all take place in Bíó Paradís, unless otherwise specified. All the events are open to all and most are free of charge.

THURSDAY march 1st
Kl 18:30 – Opening Ceremony

FRIDAY march 2nd
Kl 18:00 – An Ordinary Man /Q&A
Kl 20:15 – What Will People Say? /Q&A

SATURDAY march 3rd
Kl 18:00 – PANEL: Nordic Female Filmmakers Meeting Point 
Kl 20:00 – What Will People Say? /Q&A

MONDAY march 5th
Kl 17:00 – Festival Talk with Steve Gravestock

TUESDAY march 6th
Kl 12:00 – PANEL: Film Location Summit
Kl 18:00 – Communion /Q&A
Kl 20:00 – Shortfish /Q&A

WEDNESDAY march 7th
Kl 16:00 – Works in progress
Kl 18:00 – Communion /Q&A
Kl 20:00 – November /Q&A

THURSDAY march 8th
Kl 18:00 – Örvarpið
Kl 20:00 – Sprettfiskur /Q&A

FRIDAY march 9th
Kl 18:00 – November /Q&A

SATURDAY march 10th
Kl TBA – Closing Ceremony
Kl 20:00 – Spoor /Q&A

SUNDAY march 11th
Kl 15:00 – Documentary Masterclass with Arne Bro 
Kl 20:00 – Spoor /Q&A


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