Historical drama about a love between two teenage girls from the opposite sides of the social ladder. Just before World War 1, the fifteen-year-old poverty-stricken Anka from a small Slovak town arrives in Prague to be a maid in a wealthy family.

She meets Resi, the daughter of a noble family, who was born and raised to be an adornment and a trophy. Anka and Resi, two girls born in the same year, but at opposite ends of the social ladder, find a soulmate in each other. They become best friends, lovers and the only light in a male-dominated world.

Mariana Solcanska the director will be present during an Open Talk after the screening, 31st of March.

“Part British television drama, part illicit lesbian romance, this film undercuts fears of stodgy, conservative product to deliver instead a story full of fearless performances.
Jeremy Clarke. DMovies


  • 26th of March 22:10
  • 31st of March 22:00 Q&A
Mariana Cengel-Solcanská
100 min
Czech, Slovak