Irina is an immigrant single mother from Ukraine living in a small Czech town. One day, her son is assaulted and severely injured. While the police investigate the crime, the whole town stands up in solidarity with the mother and son and condemns their Roma neighbors, who are allegedly responsible for the assault. After Irina’s son wakes up in hospital, the truth about his incident begins to emerge.

However, at the same time, a political campaign is gaining momentum in town, and different actors from media, politics and civil society strategically manipulate reality to their own ends.

Truth and lies become difficult to tell apart. As a caring mother trying to make a new life for herself in a foreign country, Irina has to contend with the xenophobia, discrimination, and prejudice around her. Torn between protecting her family and searching for the truth, she is ultimately forced to make a fateful decision.

“By keeping the setting of his movie intentionally vague, Blaško succeeds in creating a universal tale about two-class societies, repressed xenophobia and racism, as well as broken hopes and dreams.
Susanne Gottlieb. Cineuropa


  • 31st of March 21:00
Michal Blaško
91 mín
Tékkneska, Úkraínska, Rússneska