Industry Days 2023

Stockfish industry days continue to unfold as an emerging space that creates powerful dialogues and nurtures professional, open-source platform. A platform to network, co-create, and provide better opportunities with a diverse approach to innovation. Up to forty international festival guests have attended Stockfish every year, mostly media and professionals related to the film industry who come specifically to participate in the festival’s Industry days. 

It is worth noting that after the last festivals, there have been numerous business relationships where Icelandic film works received foreign co-producers and funding from abroad following the formation of connections during the festival’s Industry days.

Stockfish organizes various networking events during the festival, dinners, introductions, happy hours and receptions. In addition, opening and closing ceremonies always provide opportunities for further networking.

Stockfish is the place for the film industry to take action in Iceland.



A slate of industry talks will be held in conjunction with the program, the newly conceived “Stockfish Open Talks”. Filmmakers attending the festival and representing their films will, after screening, engage in dialogue about specific topics relevant to the production process of their projects. The 2023 open talks will revolve around two main industry lines:

  1. The dialogues between directors and editors.
  2. The delicate lines between fiction and nonfiction narratives.

The Open talks are guided by the festival board and professionals from the associations of filmmakers in Iceland.