Shortfish is the festival’s short film competition. It’s goal is to draw attention to young and aspiring film makers and encourage them with an award that directly their future projects. A committee of judges consists of different film makers every year that selects the winning film which is announced at the festival’s closing ceremony.

The winner of Shortfish competition will be granted one million krona in equipment rental from Kukl, the biggest equipment rental in Iceland that specalizes in servicing film-and TV productions. That way the winner will have access to high-class equipment for his or her next project.

The year 2017 the film C-vitamin directed by Guðný Rós Þórhallsdóttir won the competition and in 2016 the film Like it’s up to you directed by Brynhildur Þórarinsdóttir won. Those films that were chosen in the competition in the year 2017 have been screened in North America and Canada in collaboration with the festival and Promote Iceland. A few of them were also screened at the short film festival Zubroffka in Polland as a part of a collaboration between the two festivals.

To be eligible for the competition the films can not be longer that 30 minutes or older than a year old. The films have to be premiered at the festival and can therefore not be screened publicly before. Only Icelandic films are eligible, or have an Icelandic director or producer. The films must have an English subtitle (if not spoken in  English).

The deadline for submission is January 28th. Six to eight films will be selected for participation in the Shortfish competition.

All submission should be sent to with the following information:
Name of film (if she does not have an original title in English, an English title must be included)
Name of director
Name of producer
Length of film
Short synopsis
Release date
A screening link to the film (and a password if needed)
Contact information


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