Julián is a graphic modeller for a video game company. In his social life, he is painfully shy, living in a fair-sized apartment, working from home as often as possible. One day, he ends up saving a young boy in the next apartment from a fire, and that action haunts him in ways that are not acceptable to society. Soon after, he meets Diana but even as this romance blossoms, the previous event is shadowing him to rear its ugly head and upend his life.
Laia Ateca the Production Designer and Art director will be present during an Open Talk after the screening, 24th of March.

“A provocative and intelligently handled picture which explores the impact of isolation and social dislocation on a troubled soul.”
Alfonso Rivera. Cineuropa

“Carlos Vermut ‘s most refined and daring film to date.”
Daniel de Partearroyo. Cinemania


  • 24th of March 22:15 Q&A
  • 29th of March 22:15
Carlos Vermut
116 min